Elusive Progress

State of Food Security in Bangladesh 2012

The country is facing hurdles to ensure food security for its growing population despite consecutivecouvertureelusiveprogress bumper harvest of food grains in recent times and the situation may aggravate, with emergence of challenges such as climatic hazards, increased cost of agriculture input and hike of price of food grains in national and international markets.

It is apparent that the actions on – food security, poverty reduction, and increased growth and employment generation - require quantitative as well as qualitative analyses. The dearth of up-to-date information is always a challenge. The structural and physical conditions and consequential associated impacts at various levels have to be incorporated in shaping thoughts - not only in relation to challenging us to reflect on the feasible and appropriate approaches at multiple levels, but also as regards to translating those into actions and implementation. Thus suggestions are made in respect of levels of producers, consumers, government and international market.


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