A Pre-Budget Analysis of Major Economic Challenges

Monthly Bangladesh Economic Update, April 2017

April 2017

The Unnayan Onneshan (UO), an independent multidisciplinary think tank, in its pre-budget issue of Bangladesh Economic Update calls for prudent fiscal management in dealing with potential economic risks and vulnerabilities in the year ahead.

In identifying the major economic challenges as regards the national budget 2017-18, the UO notes that waning capacity of the authority in implementing budget is looming large.

Both the collection of revenue and implementation of expenditure, especially Annual Development Program (ADP), have fell short of target in the current fiscal year.

The private investment stagnates, and public investment lacks quality resulting in cost escalation in projects. In addition, upsurge in illicit capital outflows bars capital formation in the economy.

Inadequate spending on social sector is likely to limit improvements in human development. Higher allocations for health, education and social security are indispensable to sustainable development.





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