Biodiversity Conservation


Biodiversity is not only important for maintaining ecological stability but also provides livelihood for millions poor people living in villages. Degradation of biodiversity, therefore, creates serious insecurity to both lives and livelihood of a critical mass. Despite being one of the hot spots for biodiversity, Bangladesh has been struggling to conserve her valuable biodiversity resources due to population pressures, habitat conversion to settlements, and environmental pollution. The Unnayan Onneshan continues to investigate the root causes of biodiversity loss and develop approaches for biodiversity conservation. The Unit assumes that sustainable use of biodiversity contribute to poverty alleviation along with conserving valuable biodiversity resources. The UO’s intervention in biodiversity stretches from building local conversation models to influence global biodiversity policy platforms like UN CBD, CITES etc.

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Date  Title
 2010 Agriculture Biodiversity and Food Security: Two Sides of a Coin
 2008  Resuscitating the Sundarbans: Customary Use of Biodiversity and Traditional Cultural Practices in Bangladesh
2007  The Sundarban Reserve Forest In Bangladesh - An Urgent Call To Ensure The Full And Effective Participation of Indigenous and Traditional Resource Users in Its Governance and Management
2007  Deserting the Sundarbans: Local People’s Perspective on ADB-GEF-Netherlands funded Sundarbans Biodiversity Conservation Project

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