Economic Policy Unit

The Economic Policy Unit undertakes research to identify innovative ways for expansion of sustainable productive capacity. The Unit examines macroeconomic and sectoral policies and development intervention strategies by exposing the underlying paradigms and explores alternative approaches to address unemployment, inequality and exclusion. The research is informed by the reality of the state, market and political settlement. It also considers the processes and policies that potentially influence national and regional developments in the context of an increasingly complex global economy.

A strong institutional framework is necessary to mainstream sustainability in Bangladesh. The expansion of productive capacity requires both public and private investment in physical and social infrastructures along with supportive institutions. The Unnayan Onneshan’s niche is to promote pro-poor economic growth, delving into fiscal and monetary policies, to lead to sustainability in social, economic and environment spheres.

• Generation of knowledge for growth augmenting, employment generating, equalizing and sustainable productive capacity.

• Demystification of macroeconomic and sectoral policies
• Provision of alternative and innovative proposals
• Induce public debates and political engagements for evidence-based policymaking


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