Macroeconomic and Sectoral Policies

The key challenge facing the macroeconomy is to break away from the current stagnating rate of growth at six per cent over a decade. The Unnayan Onneshan examines macroeconomic and sectoral policies to augment capital formation, expand real economy, and enhance investment in physical and social infrastructure. The UO continues to maintain its niche of proposing evidence-based, credible and doable policies and instruments through analysis of different elements (real, monetary, fiscal, external), disseminating through monthly, quarterly and half yearly updates.

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Date  Title 
June 2014 Long on Targets, Short on Realities: A Rapid Assessment of National Budget 2014-15
May 2014 State of Unemployment and Poverty
April 2014 Export, Import, Remittance and FDI: Recent Trends
March 2014 Recent Trends of Growth in Agriculture, Industry and Power
February 2014 Revenue Collection, Public Investment and Debt
January 2014 Monetary Policy Statement (January - June, 2014): An Assessment
December 2013 Declining Growth: Mismatches in Fiscal and Monetary Management - Half Yearly Assessment of the Economy of Bangladesh
December 2013 Banking Sector: Current Status
November 2013 Revenue Mobilisation and Economic Growth
October 2013 Balance of Trade
September 2013 Industrial Sector: Sluggishness and Catching Up
2013 Dynamics of Deficit and Debt
2013 Capital Market and Confidence
2013 Emerging Trends: Exigency or Expediency?
2013 Macroeconomic Developments: Current Challenges
2013 External Balance: Evolving Exposures
July 2013 Abdicating Accountability: The Monetary Policy Statement of July-December 2013
June 2013 Investment Intricacies and Fiscal Fuzz
April 2013   Emerging MacroEconomic Challenges
March 2013  Capital Market  
February 2013 Industrial Sector of Bangladesh: Statu quo or Revisioning?
January 2013  Monetary Policy: Evidence based?
December 2012 Half-Yearly Assessment of the Economy of Bangladesh
November 2012                     Deficit and Debt  
October 2012 Remittance
September 2012 Revenue Collection and Expenditure
August 2012 Growth and Inflation Trajectory
July 2012 Monetary Policy Statement
June 2012  Balance of Payment
June 2012 Faltering Growth : A Rapid Assessment of National Budget 
March 2012 Trade Balance
February 2012  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 
January 2012 Myopic Views of Monetary Policy Statement 
December 2011 Half-Yearly Assessment of the Economy of Bangladesh 
November 2011   Tax
October 2011 Capital Market  
September 2011  Remittance  
August 2011   Debt and Deficit
July 2011 Monetary Policy, Inflation and Liquidity Crisis
June 2011  Food Prices, Food Security and the Marginalized
June 2011 Macroeconomic Mazes in the Middles : A Rapid Assessment of National Budget
April-May 2011 Fuzzy Policy Façade: A Pre-Budget Analysis of the State of the Economy  
March 2011 IMF's Loan and Its Implications on Bangladesh Economy
January-February 2011  Food Prices and Inflation Trajectory
2010-11 The Challenges of Consolidation for Change: A Rapid Assessment of National Budget 2010-11
December 2010  Education, Health, and Poverty: A Reality Check 
November 2010 GDP: Capital Investment and Remittance
October 2010 Inflation, Unemployment and Growth Trajectory
September 2010 Investment, Inflation and Effect of Inflation on Earnings
August 2010 Monetary Policy Statement, Real sector and Power
July 2010 Growth, Tax, Inflation and Consumers
March 2010 Implication of Non-Economic Factors on Macro Economic Indicators
2009-10 Balancing the Imbalances: A Pre-budget Analysis of the State of the Economy 2009-10
2009-10 Three Questions: A Rapid Assessment of National Budget 2009-10
January 2009 Inflationary Trend in Bangladesh and Impact on High Food Commodity Prices
2008-09 Fiscal Fiduciary: Embedded Edges: A Rapid Assessment of National Budget 2008-09
2007-08 National Budget 2007-08: A Rapid Assessment
2006-07 National Budget 2006-2007: A Rapid Assessment
May 2004 Interim Report: Bangladesh Public Policy Watch 2004

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