Gender Equality and Women Rights

There has been an active participation of women in economic and social milieu of Bangladesh, yet the country is plagued with institutions-induced gender differentiations. The Unnayan Onneshan finds that the moderate progresses in the development of women’s status are also, to a large extent, caused by compulsions for survival and not outcomes of self-serving assertions of opportunities unleashed by policy reforms. The research on gender and women rights is informed by complexities of structure and institution at play, which perpetuate patriarchy. The research questions are advanced on the basis of rights, equality and justice and also unearth disparities, suboptimal institutions and policies that retard emancipation of women. The programme undertakes research on all aspects of gender issues, specifically focusing on concerns pertaining to women workers’ right, sexual harassment of women and representation of women in the society. Through its research programme, the UO tries to suggest way out of existing inequalities between men and women in the society.


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Date  Title
2014 MISSING WOMEN: An Estimate of Women Domestic Work in Bangladesh
2013 Women and Health
2013  Demographic and Economic Profile of Women
2013 Compulsive Structures and Embedded Institutions
2013 Women and Education
2013 Women and Employment
2013 Women and Poverty
2013 Women in Labour Force
2012 Gender Inequality in Bangladesh-Unnayan Onneshan Policy Brief
2012 Gender
2012 Social Connection of Street Girls in the Context of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
2011 Gender Inequality in Bangladesh
2010 Gender Issue in Climate Change Discourse: Theory Versus Reality
2007 Women’s Rights to Land in Bangladesh: Roles, Limitations and Transformation
2006 Workers Income Security and Minimum Wage in Bangladesh in the Era of Globalisation
2006 Scaling Up: Gender Equality in Primary Education in Bangladesh

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