The country is yet to have a universal national health service, despite growth over the last few years and the policymaking has overwhelmingly remained donor-driven. The UO research programme is based upon the principle of people’s access to universal coverage of quality and just healthcare and focuses on three areas – (a) access to quality health care, (b) access to safe drugs, and (c) access to reproductive health. As regards access to quality health care, the UO primarily reflects on how t integrated health services, service delivery models, health information, health workforce and health governance and stewardship situation can be improved. The UO unearths the use and abuse of drugs and suggests pathways for cost effective and generic drugs. The UO's work on the safe reproductive health for both men and women deals with, amongst others, the gender equitable use of contraceptives, adolescent health services, sanitation, and nutrition, reduction of inequality. 

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Date  Title
2012 Health
2011 Achieving the MDGs Targets in Nutrition: Does Inequality Matter? 
2011  Achieving MDGs Targets in Nutrition: Does Inequality Matter? (Policy Brief)
2011  Policy Brief on Present Social Context and Elderly Population in Bangladesh
2010 Health Related Millennium Development Goals in Bangladesh 
     2009       Health Seeking Behavior in Relation to Water Borne Diseases
     2006 Social Protection, National Minimum Wage and Maternity Protection: Rights and Realities

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