Labour and Workers Rights

rightsBangladesh, despite some progress in the last two decades, is still facing multiple challenges of enactments, enforcements, and violations of workers’ rights. In Bangladesh, achieving the goals of economic growth, social development and poverty reduction depend much on developments in the labour market and success in expanding decent employment opportunities through both waged and self-employment for the growing labour force. The UO particularly focuses on two areas – right to work and right to work in decent conditions. The UO works on all components of industrial relations, specifically focuses on labour, wage structure, employee-employer relations etc. in order to develop a more sustainable growth path for the industry and improves the working conditions of the labour workforce.

Date  Title
2014 Debunking the Myths: Devaluation and Discrimination in Domestic Work
2014 Women Domestic Workers: Stuck in Vicious Cycle
2014 Domestic Children Workers: Servicing for Survival
2014 Migrant Domestic Workers
2014 Working Hour and Wage Pattern of Domestic Workers
2014 Rights of Domestic Workers
2014 MISSING WOMEN: An Estimate of Women Domestic Work in Bangladesh
 2013 Accumulation by Dispossession: State of Labour in Bangladesh
 2013 Dynamics of Labour Force 
 2013 Informal Labour Force 
 2013 Labour and Rights
 2013 Migrant Work Force
 2013 Women in Labour Force
2006 National Minimum Wage for Workers’ Socio-economic Security: Rights, Realities and Way Forward
2005 Disability in Bangladesh: Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices
2004 Barriers to Access Public Services for the Urban Poor: An Enquiry into Dhaka Slums
2003 Learning for Skills Formation and Employability: A Strategic Framework for Informal Sector in Bangladesh
2003  Spinning the Chain; Lost in the Queue: International Restructuring and Bangladesh Women Garment Workers

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